How to Be Creative By milesraines, eHow Member

December 22, 2008

Things You’ll Need:

  • Creative is a state of being
  • everyone has a level of creativity
  • The thought pattern is the creative power

step1: Think of something you want to create.

Step2: Work out a plan to begin your creation.

Step3: Make guidelines to follow.

Step4: Use the guideline to make your design come forward.



December 22, 2008

Creativity means having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.

Creativity is very wide. You just have to allow your brain run wild. Anything that was ever invented by scientists, poems and books written by writers are all works of creativity. creativity means doing things that are unusual. It can be applied in any vocation or profession. Recently, I was at a workshop organised by my university in which creativity was one of the topics discussed. In the workshop we discovered 20 ways to use a cup and the most creative answer was that you could use it to ease yourself when you are pressed.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to develop yourself creatively. you will also learn how to discover your latent creative abilities.



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December 18, 2008

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